Saturday, May 14, 2011

'Tuesday Morning in September' now available

Tuesday Morning in September is now available on DVD.
The dvd is over 130 minutes of authentic 9/11 footage. However, it is much more than mere footage.. it is a cohesive story from that day, that just so happens to be the most complete video account from a single source, vantage, in real-time eyewitness account that exists. There is an interview from 4/14/2011 that has a special offer for the dvd. Please give it a listen, if you are interested in this phenomenon, (meaning, that it really cannot be compared to anything else, that documented a tragedy, and historic turning point reality on this level, as an eyewitness audio visual account) Thankyou..  Please click 'Tuesday Morning in September' right above this post, for more information about TMIS.

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