Saturday, May 14, 2011

Introduction from An Pham


I would like to introduce myself to the project titled "Tuesday Morning in September." My name is An Pham and I'm a Junior at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, USA. This video footage was made known to me less than 6 months ago. I found "Tuesday Morning in September" to be such a powerful piece of film that I have decided to fully commit to the project.

This is an introduction on my feelings as to what "Tuesday Morning in September" means to me:

With over two hours of continual footage on the day of 9/11/01, "Tuesday Morning in September" can be heralded as one of the most inclusive accounts of the day.

Captured from New Jersey, across the Hudson, this vantage point has never been exposed to the public. Going on 9 years since September 11th, 2001, this footage has never been leaked or released to any news agency or any production company since it was shot that day. It has been stowed away for nearly an entire decade.

The affect that this video footage can give, from start to finish, is rather difficult to explain. Without a link or influence by the media or government, it is pure and true to the day of 9/11/01.

What "Tuesday Morning in September" will do for you is questionable. The affect can be described as a "healing affect," "closure," "understanding," "peace," "reassurance," or "realization."

"Tuesday Morning in September" may seem rather all encompassing of the day with this description; this is the compelling reason for releasing this footage after all this time. What "Tuesday Morning in September" has to offer is a reminder; to remind all those affected by September 11th, 2001 that your opinions and thoughts on the day do matter. You need not be a terrorism expert, news reporter, or understand all aspects of the day from start to finish to offer up valuable, intelligent, and inspiring input.

The lacking of many individuals' account with the day of September 11th, 2001 can only mean one thing: Your mental image of September 11th, 2001 is NOT your own. The most likely source is the media.

Do you truly believe that the media can give you your personal account of September 11th, 2001? "Tuesday Morning in September" is not and will not be used to draw you to a conclusion. But rather it is an encouragement to come to a conclusion yourself. This September 11th, 2010 release of "Tuesday Morning in September" can bring you back to September 11th, 2001, to give you an account of this paradigm shift.

"Tuesday Morning in September" is to be released via the internet on September 11th, 2010...


An Pham

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