Saturday, May 14, 2011

Note from Jim Kosior, the videographer of TMIS

No matter what your opinion is concerning the 911 WTC attacks, I have something that you will discover to be edifying, and maybe even cathartic... healing I hope... Really.

If I could apprise everyone of what this is, and they would give the time to experience TMIS, I actually believe, that it could have a profound, even paradigm shifting effect on whosoever gives themselves over to it.

Anyone in the world who watches this, could see themselves; we are a nation of peoples comprised from all over this planet... TMIS encompasses that.. It actually is like holding up a mirror of diversity for most anyone who sees this.

Honestly, this account is like nothing that has been released. No music, or any other added features.. this is as close as you will find to anything of an eyewitness experience of that day, in the moment of the tragedy... in real-time without any talking media-head telling you what you are seeing. There is commentary, but it is not inhibited, but is from observation, and from the heart.

This account is at the top of the list, of ones that capture that day, and share a perspective that allows you to have an opinion. Besides the harsh language at times that is used in reaction to what is happening, TMIS could be used as curriculum in schools, as a starting point in understanding that horrific day. (perhaps, in a censored version) It is a way to step back and ground oneself.

There will be subtitled options, in different languages, and even overdubbing, closed captioned options as well - if the project is healthy enough to expand the effort, and there is interest abroad. Sales of the dvd will dictate how far it goes. Personally, I don't see a better 9/11 experience, that encompasses what most everyone was thinking, and feeling that day. This is not disaster porn. The time and space from ground zero, holds their sacrosanct experience. It does not violate them, as so much other 9/11 material does. TMIS, is from the first ring out.. which could be said the same for everyone in America that day.

This account/story, is to be viewed as a whole; in its entirety. It is not fragments put together to flesh out a story.. It holds its own, without explanation, without narration. It does not matter, that nothing like this has ever been released before. This does not have to comply to an industry standard for documentaries. It verily is a phenomenon for sure, if one tries to compare it to documentaries. There's actually not a category for this. It is a time travel key, into a reality; an experience that is life changing.

There is harsh/coarse language in this account. If one is offended by the language while experiencing TMIS, don't watch it. However, please look for the censored version that will be available soon. I want the authenticity of this to be pristine, sorry if the language offends some.

If it is offensive that there is a price for the over two hour dvd of TMIS, don't buy it. However, if you are prone to a self righteous fit.. channel it towards anyone that has done a news story about 9/11, as well.. Demand then, that everyone that collected a paycheck covering a story connected to 9/11 give all of their money to you, so that you can decide where it should be spent. Certainly, what perspective is brought forth in TMIS is different from the news coverage of that day. Just because, it is not being delivered from an iconic source does not make it inferior, nor am I.

Proceeds will benefit various charities, some directly related to the needs of those who are still suffering from illnesses in responding to 9/11, and going forward, along with their families. Other charities on a case to case basis. Some charities will be made public, some will not.


Jim Kosior


  1. I noticed in your video a number of things - one of which was how quiet the "bombs" that destroyed the towers were.

    Also, your video showed the "2nd plane" and it looked quite large on the video, but in your commentary you said you thought it was a small Cessna type plane/

    If you are interested in the only forensic investigation into the destruction of the towers, have a look at these sites:


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    Thanks for you valuable film.

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