Saturday, May 14, 2011

Still images of 'Tuesday Morning in September'

Note about the stills:

The quality of these stills have been downgraded. They were posted initially, just to give one an idea about the vantage from where TMIS is captured. The images in the over-two-hour video account, that is for sale, are much better. In time, there will be a professionally enhanced version for distribution. The master for screening TMIS, is of much better quality as well. The nature of the TMIS Project is to deliver an authentic experience of that day, that is not too graphic, as to overwhelm, like so much material that was released, that inundated on that day, and moving forward. There are better quality stills on the website:


'Second Tower Strike'

This is a still of the second tower being struck.
The image captures a small part of what this account is. This account captures all of the sensationalized moments, but the wholeness of the account is ultimately what makes this unequivocally unique.

Minutes before the South Tower was struck... before we realized

that this was not an accident.

'Mushroom cloud'

A mushroom cloud came out of the second tower when it was hit.

'Lady Liberty in distress'

The Statue of Liberty seems to engender the mood of the hour upon that day.

The view here is of the Empire State Building. It stands in fortitude, almost in defiance of the gravity of the moment. It is among the icons in New York City that are in the panoramic view of this account. The Empire State Building along with The Statue of Liberty helps in triangulating the location from where you are witnessing it.

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