Saturday, May 14, 2011

Introductory public discussion of: 'Tuesday Morning in September' with Keith Hansen

This is an interview with Keith Hansen on his show 'Think or Be Eaten'.

Mr. Hansen, is a consummate professional. I am grateful to him, for this maiden public discussion about: 'Tuesday Morning in September'. This interview is broken into two parts. The first half discusses the video account with An Pham, and Jim Kosior. The second half of this interview brings in an unprompted viewer of TMIS, Mr. Danny Cannon. Danny brings an insightful, intelligent perspective about this account/story, that resonates with many who have experienced it. Please, give it a listen, and if you are bored with the first half - go to the second half.. Mr. Cannon, is far more interesting than I. Thankyou, Jim Kosior

1st half:

2nd half:

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