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The true wtc attack chronicle is 'Tuesday Morning in September'.

'Tuesday Morning in September': The most complete 9/11 eyewitness video account, from a single source, vantage, in real-time.. that exists.
The 9/11 wtc attack chronicle: 'Tuesday Morning in September', is an experience from that day outside of the conventional, outside of the known, outside of the media.  It is something from that day that will give you as close to a knowing of what it was to watch it all unfold as anything.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

'Tuesday Morning in September' now available

Tuesday Morning in September is now available on DVD.
The dvd is over 130 minutes of authentic 9/11 footage. However, it is much more than mere footage.. it is a cohesive story from that day, that just so happens to be the most complete video account from a single source, vantage, in real-time eyewitness account that exists. There is an interview from 4/14/2011 that has a special offer for the dvd. Please give it a listen, if you are interested in this phenomenon, (meaning, that it really cannot be compared to anything else, that documented a tragedy, and historic turning point reality on this level, as an eyewitness audio visual account) Thankyou..  Please click 'Tuesday Morning in September' right above this post, for more information about TMIS.

Now accepting money order payments

Due to requests, we are now accepting money orders as a method of payment. Your private information can be hidden from the internet. Please listen to the the radio interview of 4/14/2001 with Mr. Keith Hansen for a special offer on the dvd.

Special offer for 'Tuesday Morning in September'
 from the radio interview on 'Think or Be Eaten' .
( Please scroll down on archive page for info: )

Introductory public discussion of: 'Tuesday Morning in September' with Keith Hansen

This is an interview with Keith Hansen on his show 'Think or Be Eaten'.

Mr. Hansen, is a consummate professional. I am grateful to him, for this maiden public discussion about: 'Tuesday Morning in September'. This interview is broken into two parts. The first half discusses the video account with An Pham, and Jim Kosior. The second half of this interview brings in an unprompted viewer of TMIS, Mr. Danny Cannon. Danny brings an insightful, intelligent perspective about this account/story, that resonates with many who have experienced it. Please, give it a listen, and if you are bored with the first half - go to the second half.. Mr. Cannon, is far more interesting than I. Thankyou, Jim Kosior

1st half:

2nd half:

Websites for 'TMIS'

The official website for Tuesday Morning in September:

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Still images of 'Tuesday Morning in September'

Note about the stills:

The quality of these stills have been downgraded. They were posted initially, just to give one an idea about the vantage from where TMIS is captured. The images in the over-two-hour video account, that is for sale, are much better. In time, there will be a professionally enhanced version for distribution. The master for screening TMIS, is of much better quality as well. The nature of the TMIS Project is to deliver an authentic experience of that day, that is not too graphic, as to overwhelm, like so much material that was released, that inundated on that day, and moving forward. There are better quality stills on the website:


'Second Tower Strike'

This is a still of the second tower being struck.
The image captures a small part of what this account is. This account captures all of the sensationalized moments, but the wholeness of the account is ultimately what makes this unequivocally unique.

Minutes before the South Tower was struck... before we realized

that this was not an accident.

'Mushroom cloud'

A mushroom cloud came out of the second tower when it was hit.

'Lady Liberty in distress'

The Statue of Liberty seems to engender the mood of the hour upon that day.

The view here is of the Empire State Building. It stands in fortitude, almost in defiance of the gravity of the moment. It is among the icons in New York City that are in the panoramic view of this account. The Empire State Building along with The Statue of Liberty helps in triangulating the location from where you are witnessing it.

Note from Jim Kosior, the videographer of TMIS

No matter what your opinion is concerning the 911 WTC attacks, I have something that you will discover to be edifying, and maybe even cathartic... healing I hope... Really.

If I could apprise everyone of what this is, and they would give the time to experience TMIS, I actually believe, that it could have a profound, even paradigm shifting effect on whosoever gives themselves over to it.

Anyone in the world who watches this, could see themselves; we are a nation of peoples comprised from all over this planet... TMIS encompasses that.. It actually is like holding up a mirror of diversity for most anyone who sees this.

Honestly, this account is like nothing that has been released. No music, or any other added features.. this is as close as you will find to anything of an eyewitness experience of that day, in the moment of the tragedy... in real-time without any talking media-head telling you what you are seeing. There is commentary, but it is not inhibited, but is from observation, and from the heart.

This account is at the top of the list, of ones that capture that day, and share a perspective that allows you to have an opinion. Besides the harsh language at times that is used in reaction to what is happening, TMIS could be used as curriculum in schools, as a starting point in understanding that horrific day. (perhaps, in a censored version) It is a way to step back and ground oneself.

There will be subtitled options, in different languages, and even overdubbing, closed captioned options as well - if the project is healthy enough to expand the effort, and there is interest abroad. Sales of the dvd will dictate how far it goes. Personally, I don't see a better 9/11 experience, that encompasses what most everyone was thinking, and feeling that day. This is not disaster porn. The time and space from ground zero, holds their sacrosanct experience. It does not violate them, as so much other 9/11 material does. TMIS, is from the first ring out.. which could be said the same for everyone in America that day.

This account/story, is to be viewed as a whole; in its entirety. It is not fragments put together to flesh out a story.. It holds its own, without explanation, without narration. It does not matter, that nothing like this has ever been released before. This does not have to comply to an industry standard for documentaries. It verily is a phenomenon for sure, if one tries to compare it to documentaries. There's actually not a category for this. It is a time travel key, into a reality; an experience that is life changing.

There is harsh/coarse language in this account. If one is offended by the language while experiencing TMIS, don't watch it. However, please look for the censored version that will be available soon. I want the authenticity of this to be pristine, sorry if the language offends some.

If it is offensive that there is a price for the over two hour dvd of TMIS, don't buy it. However, if you are prone to a self righteous fit.. channel it towards anyone that has done a news story about 9/11, as well.. Demand then, that everyone that collected a paycheck covering a story connected to 9/11 give all of their money to you, so that you can decide where it should be spent. Certainly, what perspective is brought forth in TMIS is different from the news coverage of that day. Just because, it is not being delivered from an iconic source does not make it inferior, nor am I.

Proceeds will benefit various charities, some directly related to the needs of those who are still suffering from illnesses in responding to 9/11, and going forward, along with their families. Other charities on a case to case basis. Some charities will be made public, some will not.


Jim Kosior

Introduction from An Pham


I would like to introduce myself to the project titled "Tuesday Morning in September." My name is An Pham and I'm a Junior at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, USA. This video footage was made known to me less than 6 months ago. I found "Tuesday Morning in September" to be such a powerful piece of film that I have decided to fully commit to the project.

This is an introduction on my feelings as to what "Tuesday Morning in September" means to me:

With over two hours of continual footage on the day of 9/11/01, "Tuesday Morning in September" can be heralded as one of the most inclusive accounts of the day.

Captured from New Jersey, across the Hudson, this vantage point has never been exposed to the public. Going on 9 years since September 11th, 2001, this footage has never been leaked or released to any news agency or any production company since it was shot that day. It has been stowed away for nearly an entire decade.

The affect that this video footage can give, from start to finish, is rather difficult to explain. Without a link or influence by the media or government, it is pure and true to the day of 9/11/01.

What "Tuesday Morning in September" will do for you is questionable. The affect can be described as a "healing affect," "closure," "understanding," "peace," "reassurance," or "realization."

"Tuesday Morning in September" may seem rather all encompassing of the day with this description; this is the compelling reason for releasing this footage after all this time. What "Tuesday Morning in September" has to offer is a reminder; to remind all those affected by September 11th, 2001 that your opinions and thoughts on the day do matter. You need not be a terrorism expert, news reporter, or understand all aspects of the day from start to finish to offer up valuable, intelligent, and inspiring input.

The lacking of many individuals' account with the day of September 11th, 2001 can only mean one thing: Your mental image of September 11th, 2001 is NOT your own. The most likely source is the media.

Do you truly believe that the media can give you your personal account of September 11th, 2001? "Tuesday Morning in September" is not and will not be used to draw you to a conclusion. But rather it is an encouragement to come to a conclusion yourself. This September 11th, 2010 release of "Tuesday Morning in September" can bring you back to September 11th, 2001, to give you an account of this paradigm shift.

"Tuesday Morning in September" is to be released via the internet on September 11th, 2010...


An Pham

My 'Tuesday Morning in September' An Pham's account of 9/11

On September 11th, 2001, I was in class at King Philip Middle School in West Hartford, CT. I was thirteen years old and in eighth grade at the time.

The day started off like any other day during a school week. That was until about 11:oo am or 12:00 pm. The students were summoned to homeroom at this time. We were not told exactly why we were going to homeroom, but we were told that we would know more once we were there.

We heard the news from a memo that was sent out to all the teachers to read to their homeroom students. It was disturbing to say the least. Surely we believed it was some sort of an accident. Or perhaps we were hoping it was an accident.

Shortly after hearing about the news, the television was turned on. It was now clear that the tragedy was a delibrate attack on the World Trade Center. I now knew that things were going to change because of this tragic event.

After that, all I can remember is that we were let out of school early.

It was odd, but the first thing I did after getting home was go to my local park. Once there, I played basketball with some close friends. Looking back now, I believe I was trying to reassure myself that somethings did not change. I did still enjoy the company of my friends.

The following day, I went to buy the September 12th, 2001 edition of the 'Hartford Courant.' Needless to say, the headline was about the attack on the World Trade Center. I felt compelled to have something tangible from this tragic day. I never did read the article.

A week later, my father decides that this event was important enough to make the trip out to New York City to capture photos. During these few days, I formulated what 9/11 meant to me.

I had been to New York City before, but it was definitely a different feeling on this visit. The pace of the city had seemed to slow down quite a bit.

The entire experience was bewildering. It was rather surreal. People carried themselves differently. It was difficult to not see an American flag in every direction. It seemed as if just about every car driving around had one mounted on the radio antenna or window.

To this day, I feel the most horrific experience I had from 9/11 was seeing the missing people posters. I could not believe how many of them there were. They were posted all over the city. I could only imagine the feelings of those that were trying to find their loved ones.

One of the first things I realized when walking on the streets of Manhattan, were all the vehicles that seemed to be abandoned on the side of the road. They were covered with dust and debris. It was New York City, but the scenery seemed to be out of place because of this.

On one of the evenings that were there, my father and I went to Rockerfeller Center for dinner. This is another odd memory I have of the visit. I believe it was a Wednesday night, but there was no one else in the in dining area. There were only a few people at the bar. It seemed as if everybody was afraid to go out.

Even to this day, I remember what I was eating. It was a Steak and Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Broccoli. I remember this because the Steak did not come with Mashed Potatoes. When I ordered the Mashed Potatoes, it was a matter of minutes before I had it. There was no one else there, so there was no wait time. That felt odd to me, that I was in New York City in Rockerfeller Center and there was no one around...

This is my account of 9/11. The few days that I was there in New York City created the memory that I go to when I think of 9/11. What is it that you think about when you think about 9/11?

Please visit and post up your 'Tuesday Morning in September' account.

Here are a few more photos from that trip to New York City: